Cashimiro is an easy way to skip the lines at participating spots. It's carryout made easy and delivery on your terms.

Enjoy Your Favorite Spots

Get started fast

Go from signing up to ordering from your favorite spots in minutes.

No cash? No problem

Don't limit your payment methods, with Cashimiro you can purchase credits from your favorite spot with your debit or credit card of choice.

Skip the wait

After placing your order notifications will keep you in the loop so you know when your order is ready to be picked up or in it's way.

Interactive map

Order from your favorite spots or try something new and develop new favorites.

Wearable devices

Participating spots may have wearable devices that make it even easier to purchase products with your credits. One simple step binds your device to your account so you can spend more time enjoying yourself.

Stay up to date

The timeline keeps your updated on what is going in your favorite spots. Keep track of your orders and credit purchases in one place with your digital receipts.

Manage Your Business

Alternative payment method

Create pre-established amounts of money so your customers can purchase credits for your business and eliminate the necessity for cards or cash. Using our qr-code scanner, promotional material such as wearables allows the customer to make use of their balance without using their device.

Stay on top of your orders

Keep an eye on your orders with the real time order line for pickup and delivery if it has been enabled. Every step taken within the order sends a push notification to the customer with a status update. See how long the order is taking with the event log and if the order is for delivery, assign the trusted driver that will take the precious cargo.

Take charge of your deliveries

Take charge of your own delivery by managing the areas you want to deliver to. Choose a city and set a delivery fee or don’t and the delivery is complimentary. When the customer chooses their location the fee is automatically added to the total. Assign a driver to orders that are marked for delivery and they will get the orders shifted to their own queue after it has been dispatched.

Communication is key in every relationship

Communicate with your customers using a real-time chat. Keep them updated through a unique chat for their order or message your customers directly if they want to know about your business. Every message sends a push notification to the intended party so they don’t miss out.

Push notifications at your fingertipes

Send dynamic push notifications to the clients who have pinned your business. Add coordinates, media and detailed text. When the customer taps on it, they will be directed to your post.

On-demand availability

Manage your business’ profile. Configure your hours of operation, add a logo, describe your business and add coordinates so we can help your customers get to you even faster. You don’t want to take in any more orders for the day? Change your status on demand and take a breather for the day.

Want your own version?

We can package all these features into your own branded version for the web, App Store and Google Play. Contact us for more information!

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